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"Energy Simplified"

Our Mission/Goal

To deliver relevant and innovative energy industry expertise and solutions to consumers, and developers in liaison with the relevant utilities, authorities and standards.

Our vision

To be Africa’s leading energy solutions providers.

Our Value

Sustainability; Innovativeness; Cutting edge; Quality.

Aims and Objective

  • To bridge the gap between consumer and Utility
  • To carry on the Business of Operation and Management of Energy Projects
  • To undertake, manage and execute any engineering project of whatsoever description within or outside Uganda
  • To carry on the business of construction of roads, buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools, community centers, offices, factories, premises, barracks, hospitals, building and premises of any kind
  • To design and develop soft wares for sale, mobile app applications, ICT Integration and embedded Systemsd
  • To Carry Out Consultancy Services Offering Turnkey Solutions for Energy Project
  • To design and install networking and telecom infrastructure
  • Safety

    Our safety measures are guided by the Electricity (Safety Code) Regulations 2003, the Electricity (Grid Code) Regulations 2003 and all internationally accepted safety standards

    About Energy Check Solution

    Our Overview

    Energy Check Solutions Ltd (ECS) was established in 2018 with the aim of pioneering energy management and energy audits in Uganda. Over time, ECS has developed capacity in electrical power systems engineering consulting , engineering design, electrical engineering project design, implementation and or supervision. Under its energy audit capacity, ECS has installed capacity to carry out third party meter testing and verification for any energy related billing complaints. The firm has extensive capacity in electrical distribution infrastructure works and can undertake all projects at high, medium and low voltage level. In addition to design, ECS provides consulting services in energy regulatory matters regarding project audit and verification, compliance audit and implementation as well as project licensing. ECS has similarly developed capacity in power network modelling and simulations to allow adequate network analysis for proposed licensing, power evacuation studies and other infrastructure projects. Lastly, ECS offers mechanical and electrical design, implementation and supervision for domestic, commercial and industrial installations. This is accompanied with period installation testing as guided by the Electricity (Installations Permit Committee) Regulations 2018 of the Electricity Regulatory Authority. ECS boasts of a team of registered engineers, certified energy managers, electrical installation permit holders and electro-mechanical specialists.These faculties assure the firm’s ability to handle major multi-disciplinary projects.


    Services Being provided by Energy Check Solutions Ltd



    • Energy management strategies and systems will help your business reduce its energy consumption and its GHG emissions. The idea of green buildings and factories is fast becoming a requirement. The first step towards the development of a comprehensive energy management plan is an energy audit. It provides a clear understanding on energy consumption patterns within your buildings and/or manufacturing processes and highlights technically viable energy saving opportunities.
    • Our expert Certified Energy Managers will give you a clear understanding of how your facility consumes energy. Audits include a physical inspection of buildings and equipment. Depending on the level of detail required, audits may include a simple visual inspection or detailed measurements. The final report will systematically break down how energy is used and where saving opportunities can be achieved. Typically, our energy audits will: Breakdown energy usage and significant energy use by equipment/process Benchmark energy performance against similar premises/processes Provide an overview of supply and metering strategy Analyze the building envelope, services and controls Review of the energy management procedures, including maintenance Identify energy and cost saving opportunities together with pay back periods of the investment needed to implement the energy saving measures Prioritize no or low-cost opportunities to large capital investment opportunities and create action plans
    • Our energy audits identify business opportunities and help you implement cost-effective measures to reduce energy bills and GHG emissions. Our core services can be divided into three categories. Testing; our specialist audit service teams offer you global experience in every industry and sector to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed the market regulations and standard required. Inspection; our specialist audit service teams offer you global experience in every industry and sector to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed the market regulations and standards required. Certification; ensure that your products, processes, systems or services meet national and international standards and regulations with our comprehensive certification services.


    • We passionately believe in 3D design software and the integration of BIM modelling, through to 5D, being the key factor to the integration of a multidisciplinary approach to developing projects, reducing risk resolving inefficiency and significantly improving operations all through design phase and co-ordination stages before they leave the drawing board. We offer building services design from inception through to installation along with co-ordinated information for the team on site.
    • Offering design information to suit all procurement routes, whether this be traditional full design through to performance related information to meet with design and build contracts. Our experience and engineering expertise has resulted in our service quality and information delivery being linked to “best in class” commendations.  Our reputation has led to many organisations insisting on our appointment due to the level of detail and co-ordination we deliver. In doing so we eliminate cost risk and installation frustrations associated with co-ordination. The scenario which delivers best value to client is when we are commissioned to undertake a turnkey service, this being all our service offer from inception through to delivery. On this basis we are able to more easily set the design, energy and environmental strategy from day one and develop, refine and bring best value and fit for purpose solutions before tender, thus reducing if not eliminating the abortive exercises of retrospective “Value engineering” – which should be considered and integrated from day one and throughout the design process.

    • Offered below are some of the key design services that we provide, outside the typical building services ;
    • Utility services investigations, design and quotation application/negotiations
    • HV & LV distribution studies
    • Grading studies
    • Existing capacity & load monitoring
    • Site wide localised energy strategies & renewable system assessments
    • Passive design/low energy assessments
    • Day lighting studies
    • Shadow cast analysis


    • This is to help the client check the safety of their installation as well as the ACCURACY and PERFORMANCE OF installed METERS
    • As meter technology races forward, modern smart meters have grown from simple measurement tools into automated, wireless reading devices. With these technological changes, meter and meter component testing considerations have expanded to include stringent EMC, product safety and environmental requirements. We verify the performance and accuracy of your gas, electric or water meters to ensure consumers and utility companies are accurately charged for utilities provided. Our third-party verification ensures that all meters undergo a fair and unbiased testing process to guarantee consistently accurate measurements within the standardized acceptable margin of error. Performance and safety considerations are also evaluated to verify the environmental hardiness and mitigate hazards for end-users.
    • Our single-source laboratories can perform extensive testing on a variety of components and meters to determine compliance to global standards. With capabilities to test all metering equipment at one location, ECS’s streamlined testing process accelerates manufacturer’s time-to-market by performing accuracy, performance, & safety testing, pre-testing, and failure analysis under a single testing plan. Modern smart meters may require additional testing considerations to account for electronic measurement and communication components. In addition to accuracy testing, ECS can also test the electromagnetic compatibility, environmental hardiness and safety of meters to prevent measurement failures, achieve compliance to performance standards, and ensure safety through hazard mitigation


    • We work with major electricity transmission organizations, generation companies, energy asset owners and developers, market operators and distribution utilities to sustainably deliver power and improve the quality of human lives. As independent specialists, we participate in forums dedicated to driving the future of the industry around the world like IEEE. We have proven a record of successful delivery of consulting services to all stakeholders in the electricity sector. We achieve the success through the following strategies; Operational Technologies We help our clients optimize grid operations, improve safety and reduce costs by advancing and supporting the use of leading-edge transmission and distribution network monitoring and control architecture. Power Networks We help our clients plan and evaluate with confidence replying on our extensive experience in modelling, analysing and planning transmission and distribution networks. HVDC We help our clients design, deploy and maintain their HVDC projects with our world class technical expertise in all aspects of HVDC and Its interfaces. Strategic Advisory We support and enable our clients to innovate and succeed in their ambitions with access to our global thought leaders and our full spectrum of experience in developing, implementing and operating electricity and energy assets. Partnership Services We develop partnerships with companies and people who complement our own capabilities to deliver valuable outcomes for our shared clients. As skill sets become increasingly specialized, we recognize the significant power of collaboration with other specialty service providers to learn from each other, network and build on each other’s unique value propositions.










    Energy Check Solutions Ltd has successfully Completed the following Projects

    Energy Monitoring Devices

    Details of the Project

    Energy Check Solutions Ltd was contracted by GIZ to install, test and commission energy monitoring devices at the 14 offices (resettlement sites) of UNHCR in Uganda. These included Kampala Resettlement, Country Head office, Nakivale, Mbarara, Rwamwanja, Kisoro, Adjumani, Moyo, Lamwo, Kyangwali, Arua, Yumbe, Kiryandongo and Kyaka. This involved a study of the existing power supply configuration from the supply transformer up to the output of the changeover switch or the input of the main distribution board. The energy monitoring devices were installed, tested, trained the staff how to use them, commissioned and lastly handed over. The above sites can monitor and control the energy consumption remotely(online) and also make projections regarding electricity bills. The project was successfully commissioned on 31st January 2022
    Status- The project was successfully completed


    Details Of Project

    We need the mechanical (plumbing) and electrical design for this flat located in Wakiso. We also made the installations and commissioned the electrical and mechanical equipment.
    Status- The project was successfully completed in 2019


    Details of the Project

    We did the drawings for the electrical and Mechanical plans.
    Status: ON-GOING- Supervision of the Installations


    Details of the Project

    This solar system was commissioned in 2021 for Nemon Kigo Resort as a backup saving solution. We used Fronius Symo inverters (10kVA and 17kVA). This kind of inverter is not an inverter-charger, but its highly compatible with victron which is an inverter charger in any case of future back up plans.


    Details Of Project

    This project was done as a sub-contract from Nebat Engineering Experts Ltd. The 33kv line transfers power from the Mukono North UETCL substation to the Katosi National water Plant. The line is dedicated, moves a distance of 60km and was constructed using only Concrete poles. It was commissioned in 2020 and handed over to Umeme Ltd.


    Details of the Project

    We did the plans for Mechanical and Electrical installations in 2021. The projected is located in Bulindo (Kira Municipality)


    Working Partners of Energy Check Solutions Ltd